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Update: Gaming Marathon Fan Art/Photo Blog

by Ben Hanson on Aug 11, 2011 at 09:30 AM

Despite the marathon ending successfully on Monday morning, we have continued to receive some impressive artwork from viewers. We cannot thank them enough for their time, so we wanted to update this story to show off their work.

Amy Ellis sent in this masterpiece, although she apologized for the lack of Bryan and Phil.


We like this piece by Josean Ortiz so much that we made it the header image for the story. The numbers above their heads represent the number of hours they had to beat. Maybe I haven't spent enough time with Oblivion, but don't quite understand why Bryan's avatar looks like a deformed Skull Kid.


Ian Richardson really captured each player's anguish in their respective games, I'm really hoping that Nintendo's new Smash Bros. team uses this for inspiration.


Cody G. really showcased the modest essence of Jeff Cork in this work of art. It now serves as Jeff's desktop wallpaper.


The real unsung heroes of the latest Guinness world record attempt were our witnesses. These brave souls stuck it out through thick and thin, Oblivion's arena and star number 120 in Super Mario 64. We appreciate that Nick Rivers took the time to sketch John Carson, Sarah Vig, and Stripes the cat (which may or may not represent Ava Schrenk). Thanks again to everybody that helped us out.

Original Story: While attempting to break six separate Guinness world records, we've asked fans to draw some of their favorite scenes from the games being played and the players behind the controls. Here are some highlights as well as some photos from the first day.

Bryan Vore preps his television for the next twenty-four hours of full Tamriel-immersion.

And here is a fan's rendition of  one of Oblivion's more adventurous books that was read aloud by Bryan.

Tim needed the most comfortable seat in the house in order to complete the fabled knife-only run through of the first Resident Evil.

This is how John M. saw the events unfolding as Tim fought valiantly against the T-virus survivors.

Here is a shot of our televisions proudly displaying GTA IV, Oblivion, and Super Mario 64.

Dan Ryckert, Bryan Vore, and Jeff Cork were starting to feel the effects of playing great games for fourteen hours straight.

Chris C. sent in this drawing of Solid Snake to earn himself a free game in one of our contests.

Thanks to Brian M. for sending in this awesome, quick piece showcasing the end of the first Metal Gear Solid.

Thanks again to all of our viewing artists!