Game Informer Watches Super Mario Bros. The Movie

by Ben Reeves on Aug 09, 2011 at 08:00 AM

The Super Mario Bros. games have an incredibly simple plot: Mario fights goombas and turtle-looking koopas on his way to save a princess. It’s not surprising that Hollywood felt it had to elaborate on the story when it made a major motion picture out of the property back in 1993. Unfortunately, this adaptation went wildly off course. You can read all about its chaotic production process in issue 221 of Game Informer, but if you’d like to watch the train wreck for yourself, you’d better take it with a spoonful of sugar…or a spoonful of Game Informer’s sarcastic commentary.

[View:http://media1.gameinformer.com/media/audio/mario/MarioBrosCommentary-Edited 1.mp3:610]

Join Game Informer editors Tim Turi, Jeff Marchiafava, Bryan Vore, and Ben Reeves as they power through Super Mario Bros. the movie. You’ll need to find a copy of the film for yourself, but we’ve provided several audio cues to help you sync up our commentary with the film. You can listen to the audio here, or download the file using the Attachment link below.