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Choose Your Path Through Dishonored

by Matt Miller on Jul 22, 2011 at 05:43 PM

Find out how many ways you can approach a single encounter in our interactive narrative game based on Arkane's new project.

One of the most surprising and exciting things about Dishonored is the focus on simulation and choice that pervades nearly every element of the game. Any given situation can be approached from a number of different directions. Outright force, mobility, stealth, supernatural powers, gear, trickery, distraction, and more options are presented to the player. Every option can dramatically alter the outcome.

During our visit to Arkane Studios, we had the opportunity to see several early glimpses of the game in action. While a longer gameplay story demo offered an extended look at the game, we were also shown a shorter test area of the game used by the team to try out new ideas.

The encounter – a large room filled with guards – could be tackled from dozens of angles. We asked the developers to show us the short demo encounter repeatedly, and we ended up watching over 30 unique approaches to the battle – some of which skipped the battle altogether.

We've synthesized our time with the demo into a short narrative game. While the scenes in the story are pieced together from the many playthoughs we witnessed, every individual event or choice described is a real option already implemented into the early version of the game. In actuality, we've eliminated a number of the choices for the sake of brevity.

Click on the link below to choose your path through Dishonored. When you're done, simply choose another path to see the demo from a new perspective. Have fun!