Spoiled! Shadows Of The Damned

by Tim Turi on Jul 18, 2011 at 01:15 PM

Mikami and Suda51's twisted joyride, Shadows of the Damned, is about a latino demon slayer traveling through the depths of hell to rescue his demented girlfriend from a six-eyed demon named Fleming. Armed with his trusty pistol, the Boner, and his floating skull companion, Johnson, he eventually overcomes the trials waiting for him south of heaven. With a premise this twisted, it's no wonder the conclusion of Shadows of the Damned is a roller coaster ride of odd. Whether you've played through the game and wish to dwell on the ludicrous happenings again, or didn't play it and want it spoiled for you, be sure to watch this eyebrow-raising episode.

Final warning: Spoilers

Check out the ending:

And watch this video to see Andrew Reiner, Phil Kollar, and myself discuss the above ending:

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