My Top 5 Oblivion Fan Videos

by Joe Juba on Jul 12, 2011 at 11:10 AM

Oblivion has been out for five years, and in that time, the community has made excellent videos highlighting interesting and hilarious happenings in the world of Cyrodiil.

Celebrating the five-year anniversary of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, yesterday we compiled a list of reasons why we love Oblivion in general. Today I'm focusing on my personal top five favorite videos created and uploaded by fans. Unsurprisingly, they all involve violence. A few also involve mods from the PC version, so don't worry if you see things that don't seem possible in your version of the game. Just enjoy the craziness.

After you've watched these gems, share your links to awesome Oblivion fan videos in the comments below!

5. Right Here?
(Original video via YouTube user KARASAWAM2)
Lots of people hate the adoring fan that approaches you after you become Arena Champion. So, are you just going to sit there and cry about it, or are you going to do something about that annoying tag-along?


4. Must Love Dogs
(Original video via YouTube user IbrahimHassan)
The lesson here: Dog people cannot be trusted.


3. Stumble to Death
(Original video via YouTube user mV33rs)
A poor guard attempts to apprehend a lawbreaker, but can't seem to keep his balance. I especially love the tumble at about the 50-second mark.

2. Bear Rolling
(Original video via YouTube user m0gdred)
The physics in Oblivion often lead to funny moments, but none are quite as entertaining as paralyzing bears on steep slopes.


1. Sucker Punch
(Original video via YouTube user Egger3rd)
No one likes that guy who sings the Cliff Racer song, so watching repeatedly get sucker-punched is extremely satisfying.


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