Drawing Darksiders: The History And Creative Process Of Joe Mad

by Ben Hanson on Jun 24, 2011 at 06:00 AM

Few people are able to achieve their dream job, especially if they have two of them. Joe Madureira grew up with a love for both comic books and games and managed to make a name for himself in both fields, crafting the "Joe Mad style" within the comic book industry before venturing into the world of game design. As the creative director for both Darksiders titles, Joe's vision has led the art team at Vigil Games to create one of the most visually striking series in gaming. Watch the video to learn how he was able to turn his childhood hobby of drawing into a lifelong career.

To get a better understanding of Joe's creative process, check out the video below as he talks us through the process of drawing Death. He's like Bob Ross, but with more references to Star Wars.

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