UPDATE: Reiner And Phil (And Jeff) Play Beastly

by Phil Kollar on Mar 25, 2011 at 12:00 PM

UPDATE: The good sports over at Storm City Games sent us a special gift that showed up today. Click through to check it out for yourself.

There it is, folks! A copy of Beastly for the Wii signed by the people who made it. Or possibly the cast the film. I really wouldn't know any better! In all seriousness, though, kudos to the men and women of Storm City Games for taking our dumb video in stride.

ORIGINAL STORY: Surely you've heard of Beastly? This modern, high school-centered take on Beauty and the Beast arrived in theaters earlier this month. And there's a game based off of it. And we played it. All of it.

On this very special 70-minute episode of Reiner and Phil, we're joined by very special guest (and resident Beastly expert) Jeff Cork. Join us as we discuss Storm City Games, ponder our role as a stalker, and find ourselves inexorably drawn to this terrible game's dramatic conclusion.

Oh, and before you watch the gameplay video, be sure to watch the movie trailer below. Try to imagine how a game based on this movie could work...and prepare to have all of your expectations shattered. Or not.