Who’s Who In Saints Row: The Third—The Morning Star Gang

by Jeff Cork on Mar 18, 2011 at 09:00 AM

All week long, we’ve been taking a look at some of the individuals who have shaped the criminal world of Saints Row: The Third. Today, we’re examining an organization that directly affects each and every one of those characters: the Morning Star gang.

Gangs have been a focus of the Saints Row franchise since the series was conceived. As the 3rd Street Saints rose to power in Stilwater, they’ve had to work around and eventually supplant organizations like Los Carnales, the Vice Kings, and the Sons of Samedi. We’ve spent time delving into the individuals that players will be interacting with in Saints Row: The Third, but don’t think that the game is turning into a character study. While Volition is putting more of an emphasis on populating the town of Steelport with more memorable people, its gangs are just as powerful as any that the Saints have encountered on their rise to power.

Morning Star is the oldest surviving gang in Steelport, and as such it commands considerable respect among criminals. It’s led by Belgian arms smuggler Phillipe Loren, and the organization maintains legal and illegal operations worldwide. For instance, Morning Star operates a high-end gun boutique in town, which sells weapons to people who have the cash. Simultaneously, the gang outfits illegal organizations, governments, and militaries with weapons as well.

“Where the others are more local and isolated, Morning Star is the more international organization and it has far-reaching tentacles,” says lead writer Steve Jaros. Those international ties are how Morning Star hooked up with Steelport’s Luchador gang. After selling weapons to that gang’s Mexico operations, Loren realized that a partnership could be lucrative for both parties. Eventually, the tech-focused Decker gang was brought into the fold, creating the Syndicate.

Loren runs Morning Star—and the Syndicate—with the help of the DeWynter sisters. Viola and Kiki are art dealers with refined tastes and a penchant for human trafficking. They’re so close that they’re often referred to as a single entity. “They’re the number two in the Syndicate, so when Phillipe is busy they’re the ones who assume control and make sure that things run on time,” says Jaros. “If they weren’t around, everything would descend into chaos.”

The game starts with the player upsetting Steelport’s balance of power, which will undoubtedly have far-reaching effects. Even though Morning Star might be a powerful entity, the Saints have proven themselves worthy of a good challenge. And after dominating Stilwater, that may be exactly what they need.