Who’s Who In Saints Row: The Third—Matt Miller

by Jeff Cork on Mar 16, 2011 at 08:54 AM

The Saints Row series is known for a lot of things, but memorable characters aren’t high on that list. Aside from Johnny Gat or Shaundi, Stilwater was largely populated by ciphers and forgettable wannabes. Of course, while you’re spraying raw sewage on passers by in a septic truck or setting them alight in a go kart, you’re probably not too concerned about making new friends.

With Saints Row: The Third, Volition is going out of its way to deliver loads of action as well as a lineup of interesting friends, rivals, and other people. This week, Game Informer is highlighting just some of the folks you’ll be interacting with in Steelport.

Even though Steelport is a city where groups of wrestling-masked gangsters stalk corners without anyone giving it a second thought, don’t assume all of the city’s crime involves ostentatious displays of costuming, rocket launchers, or remote-controlled drones. Sometimes, even the world of Saints Row calls for subtlety.

Matt Miller is the Syndicate’s go-to guy for those instances. As leader of the Deckers, Miller (no relation) is in charge of the city’s cybercrime. As with a lot of folks bolstered by the anonymity of the Internet, Miller is all swagger when he’s at his keyboard. Take him out of his element, and it’s another story.  “The thing that’s interesting about him is that when he’s by himself he thinks that he’s god,” says Steve Jaros, the game’s lead writer. “He’s super cocky and kind of obnoxious and is very self-assured in what he does. However, when he’s around Killbane or Phillipe, he’s like a 15-year-old kid sitting at the big kid table.”

Even if he does clam up during those meetings, Phillipe and the rest of the Syndicate appreciate his contributions. It’s always good to have someone smart in your corner, particularly when it’s so potentially lucrative.