Who’s Who In Saints Row: The Third — Killbane

by Jeff Cork on Mar 15, 2011 at 09:00 AM

The Saints Row series is known for a lot of things, but memorable characters aren’t high on that list. Aside from Johnny Gat or Shaundi, Stilwater was largely populated by ciphers and forgettable wannabes. Of course, while you’re spraying raw sewage on passers by in a septic truck or setting them alight in a go kart, you’re probably not too concerned about making new friends.

With Saints Row: The Third, Volition is going out of its way to deliver loads of action as well as a lineup of interesting friends, rivals, and other people. This week, Game Informer is highlighting just some of the folks you’ll be interacting with in Steelport.

The wrestling-masked Luchadores are one of the more flamboyant criminal organizations in Steelport, so it’s only appropriate that the gang is led by someone equally peculiar. Killbane is a former professional wrestler who also founded the Luchadors with his tag-team partner, Angel. Killbane became jealous of his partner’s success, which led him to publicly unmask and shame his former friend. Eventually, Killbane was banished to Mexico after he killed an opponent in the ring. That exile didn’t last, and the grappler is back and running his group.

“He’s obsessed with his legacy and is a total fame ***,” says Steve Jaros, lead writer on Saints Row: The Third. “In some ways, he’s like a dark mirror to the player.”

Killbane’s given name is Eddie Pryor, but he doesn’t respond to that moniker. His mask is a constant presence, whether he’s on the streets, being interviewed on television, or attending a Syndicate board meeting. “He’s always embracing that luchadore spirit and never wants to let it go,” says Jaros, adding that while Killbane might look a little clownish he’s not someone to be taken lightly. “He’s very volatile. He can be charming and debonair one moment and then just snap off and break your neck.”

And what of Angel? He’s still dealing with the disgrace of being unmasked, but he’ll prove to be a helpful ally to the player as he navigates the unfamiliar streets of Steelport.