The[Crafty]Gamer: David Stonecipher (Characters Of Gaming/LOST Crossover)

by Annette Gonzalez on Jun 27, 2010 at 07:00 AM

LOST may have had its final episode a few weeks ago, but its spirit lives on through these LOST-inspired comic panels. Oklahoma native David Stonecipher takes characters from the popular television series and creates his interpretation of these individuals as classic video game characters. Check out the rest of the post for the full suite of images and find out how this concept came into being.

Full Name: David Stonecipher

Age: 30

Hometown: Ada, Oklahoma

Occupation: Artist turned game journalist

Creation: Characters of Gaming (LOST edition)

Tell us about the comics and the inspiration behind the project? 

As both an artist and a video game news/review writer, it was only a matter of time before I would eventually combine my two passions. Having a unique style to my art, it seemed natural  for me to begin showing familiar characters in new ways. Initially, the Characters of Gaming Art Series began with original art to accompany game character bios. In time, the series has grown to really show a drastically new side of famous game characters. Like how they would look with beards or even as a different gender (check back with The[Crafty]Gamer soon for an upcoming post showcasing these images.)

Please describe the process of creating these images. What sorts of challenges, if any, did you come across when putting them together?

Every piece in the series is created by hand. First, I come up with the entire design for each particular project, which will encompass six to 10 images. Then I draw each piece in ink on paper. Finally, every drawing is scanned in and digitally shaded. Since each project in the series features multiple game stars, it can be hard to not include several characters from the same game series in the same project. For example, I might have a good idea for Mario, Luigi, and Bowser for the same project, but I try to stay away from repeating characters within  the same series. I'll just pick the character that works the best and then try to include the ones I had to exclude in the next project.

Any Web links to other work?

You can find my work on either of the sites I work for, which would be Examiner.com and GameCauldron.com.

Anything else you’d like to add about yourself? 

I have had some training in college, but I have been drawing as long as I remember. It's a skill I've been developing my entire life. Currently I'd say my favorite titles are Red Dead Redemption, Just Cause 2, and Mass Effect 2. I can also still be found playing Dead Rising and Fallout 3 from time to time (zombies and the apocalypse hold a soft spot in my heart).

Will we see more video game-themed art from you in the future?

Absolutely. The Characters of Gaming series still has many, many entries to come. My general goal is to create one a week.

Are the prints available for sale anywhere? If so, where and how much? 

I do not currently sell prints of my work, but I am available to create original works by commission. If anyone wants more information on that they can contact me at davidstonecipher@gamecauldron.com.

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