Game Informer's Guilty Pleasure Games

by Annette Gonzalez on Mar 11, 2010 at 02:00 PM

Every gamer has a guilty pleasures list, whether or not you want to admit it. These are games that you love that the rest of the world hates. Games that you have a lot of fun playing, but are embarrassed to admit it to your friends. Whatever the case, we bring to you a few of our recent guilty pleasures that have provided us hours of mindless fun. After checking out the list, head over to the comments section and list your own guilty pleasure games, if we receive enough responses, we'll generate a separate list with your choices.

Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard

Mr. Hazard has been the titular character of quite a number of games over the years, and in Eat Lead he is trying to make his comeback after a six-year hiatus. While this game is undeniably flawed, there are enough laughs to be had here to make up for some of its problems. The opening cinematic is worth watching at the very least for a few chuckles, and should you choose to continue with the adventure, you'll blast through enemies with different weapons such as a super soaker water gun, drop kick zombies, and bear witness to silly one-liners. The game received very mixed critical reception, however most if not all can agree that humor is its saving grace. If you do decide to play Eat Lead, be warned, you may lose a few brain cells in the process.

Deadly Premonition

Deadly Premonition overall received mixed critical reception (however it earned one incredibly positive review), and perhaps because of its low price tag right out the gate, it gained a cult following. While it's not by any means visually impressive, and combat is sub-par, the demented characters you'll come across and the open sense of exploration you'll experience is enough to get you to see this lengthy adventure through the end. It makes no sense, but perfect sense. It's so awful it's delightful. It's also not for everyone. However, it is cheap and if you are a fan of the Twin Peaks '90s television series it's influenced by, Deadly Premonition is a win-win.

Jurassic: The Hunted

This game is bad. It can be completed in just a few hours. It came out the same day as Modern Warfare 2. It's a shooter that pits you against dinosaurs. No relation to Jurassic Park. You'll control Craig Dylan who says things like, "What the foxtrot?" Dylan punches dinosaurs in the face. So why play Jurassic: The Hunted? Who doesn't want to punch dinosaurs in the face?

Facebook Games

Your mom plays Facebook games. And hell, so do we. Well, some of us. The folks not afraid to admit it. Ok, more like two of us. We are the people spamming your news feeds with FarmVille, Cafe World and Mafia Wars updates. In fact, we could use your help looking for another Rabbit in FarmVille. Grandma's Lost Apple Pie Recipe is just missing one ingredient...love. Can you help us finish baking this lost treasure? Want to join the mob? You'll have a dozen or so opportunities to do so with all of our Facebook requests. Ok, seriously though social gaming has spawned millions upon millions of users, and recently a couple of us have decided to give it a test run for ourselves. There has to be some sort of entertainment value if that many people dig it, right?

50 Cent: Blood on the Sand

We previously mentioned Fiddy and the gang in our Under The Radar: Xbox 360 Titles Worth Your Time feature. While playing as Fifty Cent in a fictional middle eastern country as he hunts down a militant group to reclaim a diamond-covered skull is a bit ridiculous, it's also what makes it so fun. It's over the top, hilarious, surprisingly solid, and definitely worth blasting through with a friend.

House of the Dead: Overkill

After hours upon hours of blasting through the undead in this insane on-rails shooter, a character wishes to return to his dead mother's womb, whose giant body is sprawled out on the floor behind him, legs wide open. He walks all up in there. It's gross. 'Nuff said. Anyone else unfortunately amused by this?

Earth Defense Force 2017

This game is a little older, but made the list because a few editors, namely Joe, insisted it be on here. EDF offers arcadey, third-person shooting action where you take down giant robots, over-sized ants, massive UFOs, destroy structures, etc. Everything is simply ginormous. The game may not have much substance, and has B-grade science fiction movie written all over it, but with hours of mindless destruction, who really needs depth? Stupid fun FTW!

These are just a tiny handful of our guilty pleasure picks. Head over to the comments section below and let the world know your picks.