Anatomy Of A Character: Dead Space 2

by Nick Ahrens on Dec 18, 2009 at 12:19 PM

Isaac Clarke’s suit from the original Dead Space defined the character’s iconic look, but he’s getting a visual overhaul for Dead Space 2. His suit upgrades won’t just iterate on the same design; they will have distinct looks based on the functions they were designed to perform in the Dead Space universe. We take a look at the features of Isaac’s Advanced Suit, which has a futuristic feel (even for Dead Space) and is better suited to handle combat situations.

Helmet: Isaac’s helmet isn’t just a bucket over his head. When he wants to take it off, it splits in half and separates into several pieces, folding into the front and back and back of his suit. Players will see this process multiple times, since Isaac will be talking to people face-to-face in Dead Space 2.

Holographic Interface: Like the original Dead Space, Isaac’s objectives and inventory will be accessed in real-time via a holograph projection.

Boots: Equipped with toe and heel jets for maneuverability in zero gravity, this advanced footwear will be good for more than generating echoing footsteps.

Control Wings: With the increased presence of zero-G combat in Dead Space 2, jumping from point to point won’t cut it anymore. These wings extend and assist Isaac with navigating in a weightless environment.

RIG Projector: Isaac’s health and stasis level are now displayed as holograms on his back, though they will retain the bright blue color to make them visible in the dark corridors. The team at Visceral says it is considering “different models” for stasis in Dead Space 2, which may mean that the power recharges slowly instead of depleting.

Armored Plating: A few bands of rusty metal may be enough protection for your average engineer, but this suit is designed to handle combat. The armored plating makes it more difficult for the Necromorphs to sink their claws into Isaac.