Holiday Buying Guide 2009

by Nick Ahrens on Nov 24, 2009 at 03:30 PM

It’s that time of year again – a season when the American economy relies on us to buy more than we can afford to propel ourselves out of economic turmoil. Need some help spending that holiday cash? You’ve come to the right place. If you've already read our magazine version, you're still in luck and the online version of our annual guide is even bigger and better.

Victorious Mongoose Mini
It looks like Weta has listened to everyone and made an affordable collectible! Sure, it may only be 3.1 inches long, but we like things that are miniaturized. If you're into steampunk, pick this up for the perfect desk accessory. It's dainty but deadly.
$49.00; www.wetanz.com

Light Up Marcus Fenix Series 2
We’re suckers for Neca’s line of toys, and you will be too after seeing this 12-inch Marcus Fenix with LED lights. The highly detailed figure also comes with a COG pistol and Lancer. The head is a brand-new sculpt based on Marcus’ character model from Gears of War 2.
$24.99; www.necaonline.com

Archos 9
Anytime someone in a sci-fi film hands another person a report or diagnostic, it’s always on some awesome future computer tablet. While tablet PCs have been around for a while, they’re finally starting to get exciting. The Archos 9 features a futuristic design, touchscreen interface, Windows 7, Wi-Fi, and all the on-the-go features you could ever need.
$500.00; www.archos.com

Star Trek USB Flash Drive
Boldly go where no movie has gone before. This individually numbered, limited edition USB drive sports 4GB of storage space and a classic shape. The DIVX file also comes with an option to burn a DVD so those without a media server can watch it on their TVs. There are no current plans for a reprint, so this makes a great collectible.
£17.99; www.play.com

HP Mini 311
Do you need power and portability? HP’s newest line of netbooks has you covered on both ends. The 311’s 160GB hard drive, speedy Wi-Fi support, and three USB ports will surely come in handy while you’re tooling around town. More importantly, the system’s Nvidia Ion technology means that this little book is powerful enough to output HD quality videos on its widescreen display.
$399.99; www.shopping.hp.com

Gama-go Shirts
Geek fashion isn’t a term you hear referenced with pride very often, but Gamma-Go may change that. Their selection of quirky printed tees, hoodies, and accessories could make a nerd of any gender look socially acceptable.
$28.00 (tees), $48.00-$64.00 (hoodies); www.gama-go.com

Sony’s new handheld is almost an excuse to travel. With its ultra portable design and 16 GB of flash memory the PSPgo will help keep your suitcase light. And thanks to the system’s wireless PlayStation Network support you’ll have access to new comics, TV shows, PSP original games, and PlayStation Classics almost anywhere you go.
$249.99; www.us.playstation.com/PSP

Viper SmartStart System
Imagine this: it’s cold, or rainy, or you’re just feeling lazy. You don’t want to wait for your car to warm up. So you pull out your iPhone, open your SmartStart app, and with the flick of a button your car starts up. Congratulations, James Bond is jealous.
$499.99; www.viper.com/smartstart

Galaga Keepsake Ornament
Complete with lights and sound effects this Galaga Arcade replica would make a charming addition to anyone’s Christmas tree.
$18.50; www.hallmark.com

Final Fantasy Creatures Kai Volume 1
Square Enix rounds up some of the most fearsome monsters from the Final Fantasy Series in its new miniatures line This set includes: Bahamut Sin (Final Fantasy VII Advent children), Magitek Armor (Final Fantasy VI), Zalera the Death Seraph (Final Fantasy XII), Brothers (Final Fantasy VIII), Valefor (Final Fantasy X).$39.99; www.square-enix-shop.com/usa

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Core Rulebook
This huge role-playing book includes all the info you need to get started and have a blast with your friends. A smarter skill system, improved classes, and streamlined combat systems highlight the list of gameplay to explore. Gorgeous art and smart, revised design ideas fill the pages, but everything is compatible with the old D&D 3.5 edition rules through only minor alterations. If you’re ready for something new, don’t miss out on 4th edition D&D. But if dramatic changes to your role-playing hobby terrify you, then Pathfinder should be right up your alley.
$49.99; www.paizo.com/pathfinderRPG

God of War and Devil May Cry Swords
United Cutlery has created some truly wicked ways to poke out your own eye. These fully licensed collectibles are replicas of Kratos’ Blade of War from God of War and Nero’s Red Queen from Devil May Cry. Both blades are made from high-quality metals and come with their own stands.
$224.00 (Blade of Chaos) $417.00 (Red Queen); www.unitedcutlery.com

Assassin’s Creed Costume and Sword
Ditch the modern fashion; Jerusalem 1191 AD was so chic. Museum Replica’s Altaïr attire might cost you an arm and a middle finger, but image how cool your new Facebook profile will look.
$656.00; www.museumreplicas.com

Kotobukiya Star Wars Chopsabers
Ever wish you could enjoy your leftover beef and broccoli and feel like you were locked in a deadly battle with a Jedi warrior at the same time? Kotobukiya heard those lonely fanboy dreams and created sets of Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and Yoda themed lightsaber chopsticks.
$19.99; store.kotous.com

Star Wars Tautaun Sleeping Bag
Remember that scene from Empire Strike Back when Han Solo saved Luke’s skin by cramming the whiny Jedi between the intestines of a tautaun? Remember how your older brother said, “Cool, I want to do that!”? He was talking about being Han Solo, but have fun getting laughed at on your next camping trip.
$99.99; www.thinkgeek.com

Super Mario Chess Collector's Edition
The first Nintendo-authorized chess game features all our favorite Mario Bros. characters and comes packed in a sweet collector’s tin. But here’s the best part. Guess who’s the queen? His name rhymes with Fuigi.
$39.99; www.entertainmentearth.com

Red Shirt Star Trek Cologne
You might as well smell good before you get vaporized. With this Star Trek branded cologne, you can smell like places where no man has gone before. This fragrance features hints of green mandarin and lavender. If you don’t get beat up while using this, you’re not wearing enough.
$29.99; www.genkiwear.com

Mega Bloks Halo Wars
You can’t trust Master Chief to keep a Scorpion tank in one piece. Maybe it’s time to show him how they’re built. Mega Brand’s like-LEGO-but-bigger Halo Bloks let you construct some of Halo’s most iconic vehicles, including the Scorpion, Ghost, and Warthog.
$9.99-$49.99; www.megabrands.com/shop

Halo RC Vehicles
Halo fans know the UNSC Warthog is sturdy enough to travel over just about anything, including your neighbor’s dog. These NKOK R/C vehicles are modeled after Halo 3’s vehicle fleet. Roll over Covenant troops with the M12 Warthog and the Mongoose, or take to the skies with the Hornet.
$24.99 (Warthog, Mongoose), $34.99 (Hornet); www.nkok.com

Bakugan 7-in-1 Maxus Dragonoid
The strategy game associated with these marble-like transformers is actually one of the hottest toys in America. You’ll be able to dominate the Bakugan arena with this Devastator-like Maxus Dragonoid. How does that saying go? “Transform and roll out”?
$39.99; www.bakugan.com

Gish Plush Toys
Made of a super-soft velveteen material, these plush toys represent one of our favorite indie games, Gish. They even come in two different flavors, smilin' or toothy!
$8.00 (4" Gish) $16.00 (8" Gish); www.bigshottoystore.com

Marvel Comics Wall Décor
Surface View’s attractive wall art manages does the impossible – making your house look stylish while proudly broadcasting your geekery. Check out its extensive list of Marvel-related wall murals and prints on its web site. Home décor doesn’t need to be limited to floral patterns and baby pictures.
Starting at $120 per sq meter; www.surfaceview.co.uk

Batman Black and White Statue
Batman is a colorful character, but you wouldn’t know it based solely on DC Direct’s newest line of statues. This first statue in the Black and White line stands 7.5-inches tall and is based off Ed McGuinness’ work on Superman/Batman: Public Enemies.
$80.00; www.dccomics.com/dcdirect

Penny Arcade: The Card Game
The Internet’s video game jokesters finally have their own card game. This starter set includes a rulebook, 18 Life Counters, and both Gabe and Tycho decks. It’s everything two people will need to play the game and talk about video games with angst-fueled rage.
$24.95; www.fantasyflightgames.com

The Umbrella Academy Six-Piece Figure Set
Umbrella Academy by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá was one of the most refreshing comics we’ve read in recent years. This six-piece figure set is just what we need to tide us over until Hotel Oblivion starts up sometime next year.
$39.99; www.darkhorse.com

AFL Legacy Jerseys
Own a piece of history with these AFL 50th Anniversary throwback replica jerseys. The eight original AFL teams boast some of the best-looking (Oilers, Chargers) and worst looking (Broncos) jerseys in the NFL’s storied past. You might as well wear your history with pride…unless you’re a Bills fan.
$79.99; www.nflshop.com

Dell MLB Design Studio Laptops
Wear your team’s colors wherever you go with Dell’s new line of MLB stylized laptops. Dell lets you decorate any of its Studio notebooks with a coat of MLB paint. With over 30 team logos and a variety of styles for each team, it shouldn’t be hard to find a laptop worth rooting for.
$85.00; www.dell.com/studio

Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote
A weekend warrior needs a hefty tool to get the most entertainment possible out of a Sunday afternoon. Logitech’s Harmony One controls up to 15 video, audio, and gaming devices, features one touch multi-device turn on, a full-color touch screen, and comes with a rechargeable base. Give your other remotes their pink slips.
$249.99; www.logitech.com

You know what every good art gallery needs? Stormtroopers! Legendary art toy company Kidrobot and Japanese mainstay Medicom have teamed up for an awesome toy by the acclaimed artist Kaws. This 8” figure may be a little short for a Stormtrooper, but he’s definitely cool looking.
$800.00; www.kidrobot.com

LA Zombie Attack
Nothing says fashion like a pixel art zombie clawing a poor, helpless victim to a blocky pulp. This limited edition shirt from eBoy is just one in a line of pixel zombie style. Others include LA Zombie Dog and LA Zombie Headless.
$35.00; www.eboy.com

Girl Skateboards
One of the easiest and cheapest way to get a load of art on your walls is skateboard decks. They all pretty much range from $25-$60 and never need a frame. Most of the companies also hire awesome up-and-coming artists to do entire lines for them. Lines like this Bones series from Girl looks great next to each other.
$60.00 (each); www.wallridecatalog.com

Wolfman and Zombie Mez-itz Figures
Just because they want to eat your flesh that doesn’t mean werewolves and zombies can’t be as cute as a teddy bear. Mezco’s new line of designer-vinyl figures do a lot to help wolfmen and zombies everywhere improve their image.
$13.00; www.mezcotoyz.com/store

BioShock Big Daddy Ultra Deluxe Action Figure
Be warned! If you want to get to our little sister, you’re going to have to go through this guy. BioShock was so good that we’re willing to forgive NECA for waiting this long to get us figures. This imposing cast of a Big Daddy comes with loads of articulation points, removable tanks, and a deadly drill arm.
$19.99; www.necaonline.com

Call of Cthulhu The Card Game
The best kind of insanity is the kind that you share with your friends. Fantasy Flight Games newest two-player card game puts players into the roles of either an intrepid investigator trying to solve the mysteries of the ancient ones, or a servant of the Mythos carrying out a vile conspiracy. The full core set comes four playable out of the box decks, a game board, and everything else you’d need to play.
$39.98; www.fantasyflightgames.com