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Marvel Snap's May 2024 Season Takes A Turn For The Multiverse With Blink And The Exiles

by Brian Shea on May 07, 2024 at 02:00 PM

The success of Marvel Snap rolls on, as does the seasonal structure of the free-to-play, deck-building card-battler from Second Dinner. Recent seasons have been themed after corners of the Marvel Universe, like Avengers vs. X-Men or Thunderbolts, but this season leans a bit more into the Marvel Multiverse with Blink and the Exiles. This season, titled "A Blink in Time," introduces five new characters, two new locations, and more.

The new characters joining the game in A Blink in Time are as follows:

  • Blink (5 Cost, 7 Power)
    • On reveal, swap the last card you played with a higher-cost card from your deck.
  • Nocturne (3 Cost, 5 Power)
    • You can move this once. When this moves, replace its location with a random new one.
  • Sage (3 Cost, 0 Power)
    • On reveal, +2 power for each different power among all other cards here.
  • Namora (5 Cost, 6 Power)
    • On reveal, give +5 power to each of your cards alone at another location.
  • Sasquatch (6 Cost, 10 Power)
    • Costs 1 less for each card you played last turn.

On top of those all-new characters joining Marvel Snap collections, there are two new locations: Panoptichron, where cards that didn't start in your deck get +2 power, and Cancun, where power at that location doesn't count toward winning the game. New albums featuring Dan Hipp and Rian Gonzales also further incentivize Variant collections by rewarding items themed after Werewolf By Night, Silk, and Iron Lad. Finally, we know the dates of the Series 5 releases of this season. Baron Zemo and Nocturne get their Series 5 release on May 7, Sage arrives on May 14, Namora on May 21, and Sasquatch on May 28.

Marvel Snap's May season, A Blink in Time, kicks off today. For more on Marvel Snap, check out Charles Harte's opinion piece from when the game originally arrived on mobile devices.

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