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Foamstars Launches In February As A PlayStation Plus Monthly Game

by Kyle Hilliard on Jan 16, 2024 at 08:00 AM

Square Enix's foam-drenched online shooter is going live next month and it will be a PlayStation Plus monthly game. For those subscribers looking to add it to their library, or for non-subscribers looking to purchase the game outright, Foamstars launches exclusively on PlayStation 4 and 5 on February 6.

As for the game itself, Foamstars is a 4 vs. 4 online multiplayer game where players take on the role of the titular Fomastars of varying classes and abilities to participate in a game called Foamsmash. Rather than simply shooting your opponent, the goal is to coat them with enough foam so that you can slide-kick them to knock them out of the match. The foam also changes the layout of the arena by creating traversable hills and defensive walls, and you can move through your own foam faster than your opponent's foam. The game has drawn positive comparisons to Splatoon since its reveal.


Publisher Square Enix has plans to support the game with seasonal updates for a year, including new characters, maps, and modes. The season pass for each season will cost $5.99. At launch, there will be three PvP modes. There is the standard Happy Bath Survival mode. Smash the Star encourages players to go after the opposing team's most successful player. If you're that player, you have the advantage of a few bonuses like more health and the ability to do more damage. And in Rubber Duck party, your team must climb aboard a giant rubber duck to advance to your team's goal. You can check screenshots of the various maps for these modes below:


Alongside the competitive multiplayer modes, there are also single-player and co-op experiences. There is a mission mode to protect Bath Vegas (the fictional city where Foamstars takes place) from waves of "Bubble Beasties." The Foamstar athletes will also chat and have conversations during these modes to highlight their personalities. Anytime, weekly, and season-limited challenges will also permeate all the modes.

We had a chance to speak with the development team briefly about the game and asked if we can expect any Square Enix collaborations, to which producer Kosuke Okatani (seen on the left in avatar form) said, "Nothing is confirmed yet. We are considering such things, but we would definitely like to have such collaborations. Square Enix has a cast of iconic characters, so it's pretty exciting what could be possible in the future." Okatani and the team shared a similar answer about potential K-pop collaborations, as the game's art style and direction are heavily inspired by the fashion and music movement.

Foamstars will be available for PlayStation Plus monthly subscribers to add to their library between February 6 and March 4. Standalone, the game will be $29.99.

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