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Immortality PlayStation 5

Immortality's Unsettling Mystery Comes To PlayStation 5 This Month

by Marcus Stewart on Jan 09, 2024 at 09:17 AM

Sam Barlow’s acclaimed interactive cinematic mystery game Immortality is making its way to PlayStation 5 on January 23. The game first arrived on Xbox Series X/S and PC in August 2022.

Like Barlow’s previous works, Her Story and Telling Lies, Immortality sees players interacting with live-action footage to solve the mystery behind the disappearance of fictional actress Marissa Marcel (Manon Gage). Once a promising young star, Marcel only made three movies – none of which were ever released – before she vanished. 

Learning what happened to Marcel involves searching out dozens of clips of each film’s behind-the-scenes footage, scrubbing them for clues, and finding related videos using the ability to “match cut.” This mechanic allows players to click on elements within a scene (like a person or object) to uncover new clips featuring that selected element. The PS5 version enhances these mechanics with new haptic feedback and controller speaker features.

Immortality’s unsettling atmosphere, inventive mechanics, and strong storytelling earned it a place on Game Informer’s Top 10 Games of 2022. Immortality is also available now on Xbox Series X/S, PC, and mobile devices via Netflix. 

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PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PC, iOS, Android
Release Date:
August 30, 2022 (Xbox Series X/S, PC), 
November 16, 2022 (iOS, Android), 
January 23, 2024 (PlayStation 5)