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WrestleQuest Suffers Last-Minute Delay To Late August

by Marcus Stewart on Aug 08, 2023 at 09:14 AM

If you were looking forward to playing the pro-wrestling-themed RPG WrestleQuest today for its launch, it looks like that card was subject to change. The game has suffered a last-minute delay and will now arrive on August 22.

Developer Mega Cat Studios and publisher Skybound Games announced the delay yesterday evening, explaining the cause was due to the discovery of a save glitch. The statement reads,

“When performing final checks on one of our launch platforms, we discovered it was possible for players to lose their save game progress when playing WrestleQuest on multiple different devices. Because this is a game filled with hours of content and player progress is so important, we could never bodyslam our fans like that.”

While it’s a bummer to see the game get pushed back mere hours before launch, it’s a good thing the team caught this issue before it could affect players. Curious wrestling and RPG fans will have to wait another couple of weeks, but at least they'll presumably be able to play with some peace of mind. 

WrestleQuest unfolds in a world molded after action figure wrestling leagues with protagonist Randy “Muchacho Man” Santos on a quest to become the ultimate superstar. Inspired by classics like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI, you’ll partner with a large cast of fellow grapplers to unleash special attacks and tag team moves on your opponents. In addition to fictional personalities, several real-life stars appear in the game, including Jeff Jarrett, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Sgt. Slaughter, among others.

WresleQuest will be available on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, Switch, PC, and on mobile via Netflix.

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