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Vampire Survivors 1.5 Update Announced, Out Tomorrow

by Charles Harte on Jun 11, 2023 at 05:00 PM

Vampire Survivors just can't seem to die, but it's unclear whether that's due to its attentive development team or the immortal nature of vampires. Whatever the case, developer Poncle put out a new trailer during the PC Gaming show, confirming a 1.5 update would be coming to the game tomorrow, June 12. You can see the new gameplay in action below.

The update introduces a bit of new content to the game, most notably the stage Astral Stair, an area of endless corridors and flying paintings. It also includes a spinning wheel that can introduce random elements to the run – and if you're in streamer mode, your Twitch chat can vote to influence its outcome. There are also three new relics, a new pickup called GoldFinger, and a new form for the existing character Yatta Cavallo, which also allows you to evolve their Cherry Bomb ability into a new attack.

Vampire Survivors is available for Xbox, PC, and mobile devices. For more on the game, check out why we gave it such a high review, or learn about its upcoming TV adaptation.

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