MythForce Is A First-Person Roguelite Inspired By ‘80s Cartoons That Hits Early Access Next Week

MythForce Is A First-Person Rogue-Lite Inspired By ‘80s Cartoons That Hits Early Access Next Week

by Wesley LeBlanc on Apr 12, 2022 at 02:30 PM

Beamdog, the publisher behind Baldur’s Gate I and II Enhanced Editions, has revealed its first original title, MythForce, and it’s a 1980s cartoon-inspired, first-person rogue-lite that hits Early Access as an Epic Games Store exclusive on April 20. 

Before reading anything more about MythForce, you should absolutely watch the MythForce intro trailer because it rips – it’s perfectly ‘80s, and the MythForce theme song will stay in your head for the rest of the day. You can watch it below: 

“I’m beyond excited to finally show off our team’s original work,” Beamdog CEO Trent Oster writes in a press release. “MythForce is pure, unadulterated fun – right out of the Saturday mornings of my childhood. With a simple yet satisfying game loop, it’s a big departure from the RPG classics we’re known for, but the Beamdog DNA is evident if you know where to look.” 

The Early Access launch of MythForce, which happens next week on April 20, includes four playable heroes and will consist of MythForce’s Episode 1: Bastion of the Beastlord. As you wield weapons and powerful magic, the MythForce heroes you and your friends play as will face a series of increasingly difficult challenges as you explore overgrown ruins filled with cartoon enemies. You can face these challenges solo or team up with up to three friends in online co-op. 


“Heroes level up as they explore the dungeon, unlocking different perks for each playthrough, as well as special rank upgrades that carry over to new sessions,” a press release reads. “Procedurally-generated maps with randomized encounters and loot keep each playthrough fresh. In true rogue-lite fashion, each time players are defeated they have to start over at the beginning, but every playthrough makes them a little stronger.” 

Episode 1: Bastion of the Beastlord will hit Epic Games Store Early Access on PC next week on April 20. Beamdog says it will release additional episodes during this Early Access period, incorporating input from players as well. 

Are you going to check out MythForce? Let us know in the comments below!

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