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Copy These Tips For Success In Kirby And The Forgotten Land

by John Carson on Mar 25, 2022 at 06:30 PM

Kirby’s inaugural 3D adventure is finally here with Nintendo and Hal Laboratory’s Switch exclusive Kirby and the Forgotten Land. It’s a wonderful trek (read our review) through an abandoned land that looks awfully like our own, where the cute, yet dastardly Beast Pack have taken over the various cities, factories, malls, and theme parks. Here are some tantalizing suggestions to keep in mind while you venture into the worlds set in the Forgotten Land.

Explore everywhere, high and low

Each level in Forgotten Land harbors a handful of hidden tasks to complete and secret Waddle Dees friends to rescue. Because these optional quests are a mystery, climb everything and explore everywhere. When you trigger one of these tasks, like eating a donut, helping a tulip bloom, or finding a hidden room, it’ll reveal the objective to you and whether there are more objects to find in order to complete it. If you have trouble uncovering any of these tasks, just finish the level, and one will be revealed for you to seek out the next time you return to that stage.

Don't sleep on Treasure Road

Treasure Road levels offer timed tests of your skills for each of Kirby’s equipable copy abilities and are some of my favorite levels in the game. They’ll pop up on the world map after you complete the mainline stages giving players the first taste of side activities to take on. Don’t skip doing these challenges! Finishing these challenges awards precious Rare Stones, which are a currency spent in Waddle Dee town to upgrade and evolve copy abilities into new forms. While Rare Stones can be found in other spots around the game, they won’t show up meaningfully until near the end, so Treasure Road will be the best and most reliable place to snag these valuable gems.

Keep gobbling different Copy Abilities

Speaking of copy abilities, you’ll probably have your favorite skills to take into levels that you feel you are most effective with. However, secrets in levels will frequently only be unveiled with the power of a specific copy ability and are usually provided by an enemy somewhere in the stage; this is especially true for powers granted after defeating a mid-boss. There may be a stack of flaming logs to extinguish or a fence to burrow under. Don’t be afraid to experiment and switch up Kirby’s powers. It’ll be worth it to send more Waddle Dees safely back to their hometown.

Earn extra Star Coins in Waddle Dee Town

Kirby’s base of operations in Forbidden Land is Waddle Dee Town, a village that will build out with more helpful buildings and utilities to explore as more Waddle Dees are rescued and returned home. You can spend plenty of time and money on various activities here. Kirby can buy health recovery items, evolve copy abilities, and open hundreds of figurines from the capsule dispensers. To help pay for these expensive items, you can also earn a ton of cash in town. Kirby can serve Waddle Dees food during the busy lunch rush at Waddle Dee Café, catch massive fish at a cute pond in town, and solve motion-controlled labyrinth puzzles at the Tilt n’ Roll stand. If you’re ever strapped for Star Coins, take some time to complete some odd jobs and challenges to fill your wallet.

Kirby has a dodge roll. Use it!

Mobility has never been an issue for Kirby. He’s able to fly and float just about anywhere, and his copy abilities sometimes make up for his rather slow walk speed. Kirby’s standard movest is great to rely on in most situations, but for the showdowns with the big bosses of the Beast Pack, you may need to lean on one tool that isn’t part of Kirby’s classic toolkit. By holding any of the shoulder buttons on the controller, Kirby will plan his feet, duck, and guard above his head. By pressing the left analog stick in any direction while blocking, Kirby will dodge that way. Performing a dodge while an enemy is attacking will slow down the action for a moment, allowing you to strike with a counterattack! It’s very handy to use against faster bosses but can be used to great success on any enemy in the game. 

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