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Street Fighter V's Definitive Update Brings Character Changes And Filters Later This Month

by John Carson on Mar 18, 2022 at 11:30 AM

With Street Fighter 6 confirmed to be the future of the series, Capcom apparently isn't done with Street Fighter V quite yet. At least not until this new patch it's calling the "definitive update." Check out the trailer above to see some of the big changes in action.

The update, slated for release on March 29, will bring a variety of character balance changes. The trailer begins by showing off new combos for a good chunk of the cast, implying there are quite a lot of adjustments being made. Capcom has yet to detail exactly what these changes are but typically releases that information up to a few days before balance changes are implemented.

Also in the update are a pair of visual filters that change the way the battles look. The first and more appealing filter adds a cel-shaded styling to the fighters. It brightens up some of the colors in costumes and makes characters look a little more cartoony, which works quite well with the models shown in the trailer. A pixel filter attempting to mimic the look of a CRT screen will also be added in the update. What's present in the footage looks a bit messy (it's hard to make a 3D art style look 2D with a simple filter alone), but I'm going to still give it a shot when the update releases and hope it'll look nicer in person. Both filters are only available in offline modes. Sorry, online warriors. 

Tracksuit costumes for each character will finally be getting new color schemes, adding that missing bit of drip your main needs to perform their best in a match. And to round out the update, season 5 characters Dan, Rose, Oro, Akira, and Luke will have new Cap-Jam remix themes added to the game.

Capcom will be involved in a Japan Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable in the wee hours of March 21 and may talk more about this big update at that time.

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