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The Ascent Climbs To PlayStation In March, New Game Plus Now Available For PC

by Marcus Stewart on Feb 24, 2022 at 11:50 AM

Cyberpunk twin-stick shooter The Ascent finds a new home on PlayStation next month. Since its launch last July, the game has only been available on Xbox consoles and PC. 

PS5 and PS4 players can step into The Ascent’s world on March 24. Pre-ordering gets you the RPEG 33 energy-type Rocket Launcher. The top-down shooter lets players blast their way through a cyberpunk dystopia alone or with up to three other friends. The game features a variety of weapons and cybernetic abilities and RPG-style progression and side quests.  

Steam players also have new goodies. New Game+ is now available, letting players who have finished the game replay it with all of their gear/stats intact. Enemies and their attacks are tougher and hit harder, and levels have been increased to 30+. Weapons can be upgraded past Mk.10 as well. The Cyber Warrior DLC pack is now available for PC, adding two weapons, three weapon skins, seven pieces of armor, and a new tactical for $4.99. 

The Ascent was among the most visually impressive titles of 2021. Although its gameplay and storytelling didn’t always hit the mark, it offered a respectable cooperative experience. In his review, GI video editor Alex Stadnik wrote, “The Ascent has issues, but those issues don’t detract from my overall enjoyment of the game. I won’t write my thesis on its commentary on capitalism, but I’ll fondly remember my co-op sessions where I tore through this cyberpunk world. That being said, the shallow RPG elements, lack of meaningful narrative, and exploration frustration were constants that really dragged the experience down. Neon Giant has made a solid foundation to build on, and I hope we can see future installments grow into something truly worthy of ascension.”

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