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Here's What Pokémon Go Is Doing For Valentine's Day

by Andrew Reiner on Feb 08, 2022 at 12:58 PM

Pokémon Go is celebrating Valentine's Day in a couple of different ways. From February 10 through 14, you'll have the chance to engage in new events and catch Flabébé for the first time.

This fairy-type Pokémon rides atop a flower and can evolve twice. If you feed it 25 candies, it will transform into Floette. Offer up another 100 candies and it'll become Florges, but only after you earn 20 hearts with it as a buddy. Flabébé is from Generation VI and is number 669 on the Pokédex.

During the event, you'll also be able to evolve Furfrou in a new way. If you feed it 25 candies and 10,000 stardust, you can select the Heart Trip to give it a festive Valentine's Day design.

Along with the Pokémon of note, you'll also find the usual suspects out in the wild. This list includes Luvdisc, Chansey, Plusle, Minun, Miltank, Audino, Alomomola, Woobat, Volbeat, and Illumise. All of them have shiny variants, too. Registeel will be the only Pokémon in five-star raids, with Mega Houndoom being the lone Mega Raid.

Spinda is returning to field research tasks, this time rocking a heart pattern. Spinda can also be shiny.

Good luck on the hunt, trainers!

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