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Gotham Knights, The Next Spider-Man Movie Trilogy, Something Is Killing The Children | From Panel To Podcast

by Andrew Reiner on Feb 01, 2022 at 12:00 AM

On this week's From Panel to Podcast, we breakdown what we want from WB Games Montréal's Gotham Knights, the successor to the beloved Batman Arkham series. With Batman supposedly dead at the outset of play, the Bat-family has a lot of weight on their shoulders to deliver a superhero experience that can live up to his legacy. We discuss the tone we want to see, gameplay direction, and also who should show up as villains.

For the comic readers out there, we go deep into two red-hot series: Something is Killing the Children and Saga. Yes, Saga is finally back after a three year break! We also talk about our favorite books from last week's new releases rack, and highlight the books we hope to pick up this Wednesday.

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