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Palworld, That Wacky Pokémon-Style Survival Game With Guns, Gets New Trailer

by Marcus Stewart on Jan 25, 2022 at 02:30 PM

Palworld made us do multiple double-takes when it first came to our attention last summer. At first, it looks like any other Pokémon-inspired title. Cute, colorful, plenty of monster catching. And then the main character busts out a realistic assault rifle and starts wasting enemies alongside his adorable companions. In short, it looks amazing, and a new trailer reminds us of that fact.

The game comes from Japanese developer Pocketpair and is a multiplayer open-world survival game where players befriend creatures called Pals. You can journey together as equals or use them as transportation. You can also eat them, exploit them for labor, or force them to enact your destructive agendas. Pals can be captured and traded with other players, and you can breed them too. 

Palworld is harsher than it looks, sporting unforgiving weather conditions, scarce resources, not to mention illegal poachers. There’s also plenty of farming, crafting, and construction, with players able to build houses or even rocket ships. In a dark twist, you can even build factories and put your adorable critters to work assembling guns and other tools. Palworld’s combat features over-the-shoulder style shooting where you’ll mow down poachers as well as hostile Pals. Yes, this is a real video game. Check out the latest look at the game below.

Needless to say, Palworld looks bonkers, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it when it comes to PC sometime this year.

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