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Four Star Wars Battlefront II Action Figures Are On The Way

by Andrew Reiner on Dec 22, 2021 at 04:00 PM

Each week, Hasbro unveils new Star Wars action figures at Bring Home the Bounty. This week's reveal focuses its sights on Electronic Arts' Star Wars Battlefront II video game from 2017. Hasbro is bringing four new action figures from the game to market. All four are Clone Troopers decked out in some of the game's unique armor coloring. Three of the figures fall into the 3 and 3/4-scale Vintage Collection, with the final one joining the Gaming Greats Black Series line.

The latter figure is the Umbra Operative Arc Trooper with a cool black and orange coloring. This clone stands at roughly six inches in height and comes with two pistols. It will be sold exclusively at GameStop with an expected ship date next April.


A smaller, vintage version of the Umbra Operative Arc Trooper is also on the way next April exclusively at Entertainment Earth. This iteration comes with four weapons and a removable helmet.


Next up in the Vintage line is a different Arc Trooper decked out in red and white armor, almost looking like it has Xbox 360's red ring of death on its helmet. This figure is expected in April exclusively at Big Bad Toy Store.


The last Battlefront II figure revealed is, you guessed it, yet another Arc Trooper – this one choosing to wear black and white armor with hints of green to battle. This figure comes with four weapons, a removable helmet, and will be sold exclusively at Dorkside Toys in April.


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