You Can Listen To Halo Infinite's Digital Soundtracks Today

by Marcus Stewart on Dec 08, 2021 at 04:02 PM

Halo Infinite’s campaign launched today, meaning that the game is more or less out in its entirety. If you’ve enjoyed the orchestral music while playing either the story or in multiplayer, you can listen to those tunes anywhere with the release of the game’s soundtrack. 

The original score for Halo Infinite’s campaign and its multiplayer is now available to listen to on major streaming services. These are two separate albums, courtesy of Skill Tree Records, a host of composers including Gareth Coker and Curtis Schweizer, all organized by 343’s music supervisor, Joel Yarger. You can also purchase and download each album digitally for $9.99 from Skill Tree directly at the following links. 

Halo Infinite OST

Halo Infinite Multiplayer: A New Generation OST

For more on Halo Infinite, check out our review in which reviewer Matt Miller scored the game a 9.25 out of 10, writing:

"Whether you want a big, mysterious sci-fi adventure or a chance to engage with some intense PvP, Halo Infinite nails the shots where it counts and heralds a new era for one of gaming’s most recognizable mainstays."

You can also prep for the journey by watching this handy video primer for the campaign.

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