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Play In The Company Of Heroes 3 Pre-Alpha Multiplayer Test Starting Tomorrow

by John Carson on Nov 29, 2021 at 02:26 PM

Strategists ready to return to the battlefields of World War II have the chance to play in the Company of Heroes 3 pre-alpha multiplayer test starting tomorrow. 

A video from developer Relic Entertainment, featuring principal producer Morain McLaughlin, details some aspects of Company of Heroes 3 players can expect to play around with during the test. While the final product will include more factions (including the Italian battalion, which will be detailed next year), players will get their hands on the American and German forces. Each military force will feature two battlegroups to explore, replacing the doctrines and commanders from previous games. These battlegroups will offer a tree of abilities, units, and upgrades to select and utilize throughout a match.

The pre-alpha test will primarily be a multiplayer-focused affair, but those who wish to take on the computer-controlled AI in 1v1 or 2-player vs. 2-CPU have the option to do so. If you're playing by your lonesome against the CPU, you'll have access to the tactical pause feature not present in modes with more than one person. 

Other new features available will be outfitting vehicles with side armor, a veterancy system, and verticality in maps. Relic promises more updates in 2022, including new factions, units, and mechanics to be revealed over the coming months.

Preloading is available right now on Steam for established COH-Development account holders. Anyone new to the COH-Development program can head over to the game's community site and sign up for an account there. Company of Heroes 3 is aiming for an unspecified 2022 release date for PC.

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