Ed Sheeran Is Coming To Pokémon Go

by Daniel Tack on Nov 16, 2021 at 12:29 PM

Today, musical artist Ed Sheeran announced on Twitter that an upcoming collaboration is happening with Pokémon Go. In this day and age when Naruto is in Fortnite and celebrities are tied to all kinds of products via these projects, it's actually not that surprising. 

Pokémon has had a deluge of crossovers and collaborative projects over its long lifetime, and seeing Ed Sheeran make the jump from Game of Thrones (and other media!) over to Pokémon is sure to be interesting. With Pokémon being one of the world's most powerful entertainment brands, extending well outside of the gaming sphere into movies, merch, and much more, this partnership is hardly unusual. But how will it play out, exactly?

The exact nature of this collaboration is anyone's guess, what do you think the artist has in store for the mobile Pokémon game? Are we going to spin magical Ed Sheeran Pokéstops or gyms? Who knows. Maybe we can click to get the new album while we play with our Bulbasaurs. What do you think the collaboration will look like? Perhaps Sheeran will actually become a canonical Pokémon. I mean, it's not that far off in a world where we have Pokémon that are ya know, keychains. So, what do you think this is going to be? Let us know in the comments!

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