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Clash Royale Has New Life! Level Cap Increase And New Card Type Are Live Now

by Andrew Reiner on Oct 27, 2021 at 09:41 AM

Many of Clash Royale's players reached level cap years ago and maxed out all of the cards along the way. In the last two years, the game hasn't offered much of a path forward for people that play every day. The seasonal tiers offer new tower skins and emotes, but the main hooks of the experience haven't expanded.

That changes today. Clash Royale's latest update raises the level cap for both the player and all of the cards to level 14. Developer Supercell also added three new cards to the mix, and they all offer up a unique gameplay aspect. These cards are called Champions, the first characters in the game that are somewhat controllable. You can't tell the Champions where to go and don't use their weapons to attack, but you control when they use their abilities. All you have to do is tap a new button that appears on the screen. Once pressed, the Champion does as you command.

The three Champions are the sizable Skeleton King who summons a skeletal army as he marches forward, the Golden Knight who dashes forward and can smash enemies like a bowling ball, and the Archer Queen who can cloak herself when an enemy draws near.

Getting three cards at once is a massive win for Clash Royale players, as they open up the game to new ideas and give players a reason to collect again.

I play Clash Royale every day, and it feels great having new things to do. I am currently plotting out which of my cards will reach level 14 first. It's nice to see Supercell continuing to support this game in meaningful ways. The new card type will hopefully lead to a more frequent cadence of new card drops. The Clan Wars still need a lot of work, however. Here's hoping that's the next aspect that gets overhauled.

Sidenote: If you want to join my Clash Royale clan, we're looking for players. Email me at with the subject line CLASH ROYALE, and I'll see if I can get you in.

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