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Bugsnax Is Getting A Supersized Expansion Next Year

by Marcus Stewart on Oct 27, 2021 at 05:21 PM

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The charming and bizarre Bugsnax is getting a big free expansion. The Isle of Bigsnax takes players to a new location teeming with newly discovered, supersized critters.

The expansion follows the main crew of Grumpuses to a hidden island inhabited by prehistoric Bugsnax. These tasty creatures are humongous, giving players a jumbo-sized new challenge in terms of catching them. If collecting a slew of new Bugsnax wasn’t enough, you can now put hats on them to somehow make them even more adorable. Back in town, the player’s unfinished hut has finally been completed, which you can decorate with a catalog of furniture, wallpaper, and other objects. Take a look at the trailer for a glimpse of the snax to come. 

The Isle of Bugsnax launches in early 2022, and you’ll need to own a base copy of Bugsnax to play it. 

Did you enjoy Bugsnax, and is this expansion enough to make you fire it up again? Let us know in the comments!

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