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Explore A Cheerful Island Playground In Lil Gator Game

by Marcus Stewart on Sep 21, 2021 at 11:14 AM

If you’re a fan of wholesome experiences like A Short Hike, Lil Gator Game might be up your alley. This bright and happy title puts you in the scaly shoes of a cute gator donning a familiar outfit to explore a big island playground and make friends along the way. It comes from developer MegaWobble and Playtonic Friends, the publishing arm of the team behind the Yooka-Laylee series. 

Lil Gator must be a big fan of Link, sporting a stick, shield, and cap similar to Nintendo’s icon. He’s not off to save the world on a grand adventure, though. Lil Gator Game’s stakes are much lower, focusing more on befriending the island’s quirky denizens and solving their less cataclysmic problems. The Gator can climb surfaces, glide through the air using his shirt, and craft new equipment by collecting arts and crafts materials. While you can certainly hit things such as cardboard bad guys with your stick, Lil Gator primarily promotes discovery and puzzle-solving instead of combat. If you're in the market for a fun chill pill, take a gander at the trailer to see if Lil Gator Game hits the right notes. 

You’ll have to wait until 2022 to embark on this delightful-looking island getaway. Lil Gator Game is targeting PC and Switch.

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