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No Man’s Sky Adds NPC Settlements With Citizen Disputes And Much More

by Jason Guisao on Sep 01, 2021 at 10:56 AM

No Man’s Sky is a great example of a game not living up to the launch-day hype but with gradual content rollouts, finding notable success regardless. No Man’s Sky got a new lease on life with literally game-changing mechanics like base-building. In a similar vein, the sci-fi open-world(s) title is getting more features, like Star Wars-like settlements laden with NPC townsfolk. You’ll help settle citizen disputes, utilize hundreds of new base parts to build your own establishments, and explore a graphically updated universe. All of this launches today!

Sean Murray, the founder of Hello Games, took to the official PlayStation Blog to announce the aforementioned additions to No Man’s Sky’s loop. Procedurally generated communes give the lonely vastness of space a much-needed lived-in quality. These towns can be discovered on every inhabited planet. You can submit management credentials to become a settlement overseer, giving you access to town planning, treasury management, policy decisions, and conflict resolution. “Ungoverned settlements start small and modest, with a sparse population and only a few buildings scattered around their town center,” Sean writes. “Provide resources to construct new buildings and transform your ramshackle collection of dwellings into a flourishing town!”

Moreover, more base-building parts are incoming, including structural sets of timber, stone, and alloy. New decorative pieces let you personalize your abode even more! A new starship will be gifted to all explorers for the new expedition season, and visual enhancements like multi-colored nebulas, a minimal base-building HUD, explosion “punchiness,” and so much more that you can read about in Murray’s post with the link above. 

Will you be traversing the stars in the No Man’s Sky Frontiers update today? How will you handle your fighting townspeople? And are you planning on rebuilding your base with the new parts? Let us know below.

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