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Deathloop Touches On Immersive Features In New Trailer

by Daniel Tack on Aug 31, 2021 at 06:00 PM

As we move into the current generation, new features have come into focus that help make games more immersive. Deathloop, slated to arrive on September 14, boasts a number of these aspects. To take advantage of these features requires new hardware, and sadly multiple factors have gone into making current-gen systems difficult to acquire, something that could hopefully be rectified as we head into the next year. That said, a new trailer for Deathloop shows off some of the perks of playing games in this era. Oh, you should also check out our guide to everything Deathloop right here. Why keep talking about it? You can check out the trailer below!

Perhaps the most obvious upgrade that games can get from new tech is graphical. Still, we have a whole “generation” to see how developers can take advantage of that, despite having some great-looking titles already available. Adaptive triggers, different for each weapon, are becoming sort of a standard here on the PlayStation 5. This helps every weapon feel distinct from one another and gives them a bit of their own personality. Deathloop further utilizes the adaptive trigger to highlight scenarios like gun jamming, which the player feels on the controller as well. Again, these may be small things on a larger scale, but they lead to more immersive gameplay when taken in aggregate. Haptic feedback for running, sliding, and more helps further enhance that tactile essence.

Deathloop also takes advantage of the controller speaker to alert the player at various times. As you can see, many of these immersion aspects tie in directly to the DualSense controller and all it can do. While I doubt they will make or break the Deathloop experience, they certainly add a bit of depth and texture to the gameplay experience. Anyway, how are you feeling about Deathloop? Are you going to pick it up? Not your thing? Let us know in the comments!

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