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New Metroid Dread Trailer Highlights Samus' Abilities

by Liana Ruppert on Aug 20, 2021 at 08:13 AM

A new Metroid Dread trailer is here and comes with it a new blog post from Nintendo diving a little deeper into Samus Aran's abilities. The 2D Metroid adventure is dropping soon on the Nintendo Switch this October and to get fans excited, a new video shows off more about what players can expect from the latest game. 

In the trailer below, we see a closer look at our protagonist in full action, showing the bounty hunter's lack of fear in the face of danger. So what does the galaxy's most powerful bounty hunter do with the power that's just "within arm's reach"? She straight-up murders, that's what: 

In addition to the new trailer, Nintendo also supplied a new blog post giving some additional insight into the upcoming game. "Samus is a true professional who takes a quiet and calm approach to her work. Because of this, you might think that she’s a cold-hearted person—but you’d be mistaken," says the dev team. "In actuality, Samus is a woman with a very kind heart, as evidenced by her show of mercy to a Metroid hatchling while on a mission to eradicate the enigmatic species. Perhaps the hatchling sensed a nurturing nature within Samus when it imprinted on her."

The post continues by talking a little bit about her arm cannon and the difference between her missiles and the rapid-fire beam attacks. Because the arm cannon is such an intricate part of who she is, it's easy for her to toggle between the two different weapon types with ease.

Her abilities are also impressive, which any fan of the franchise will note, including her powerful melee counter that allows her to stun enemies, and her famous morph ball that provides an interesting means of travel. Her special, mystical Aeion abilities are also something to be excited about, such as her Phantom Cloak that allows her to become invisible for a short time. 

To learn more about Samus and her powerful suit, immunity to the X parasite, and more, check out the full blog post right here

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