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Time-Travel With The Help A Giant Magical Squid In Kraken Academy

by Marcus Stewart on Aug 17, 2021 at 05:23 PM

We all know the first day of school can be anxiety-inducing. There are new subjects to learn, new classmates to avoid looking stupid in front of, and perhaps it’s an unfamiliar building entirely. What if you had to relive that first day again and again? Moreso, what if you had to do it to help a giant, magical squid save the world from peril? You may have enrolled in Kraken Academy, a, shall we say, quirky adventure game coming next month.

You are a fresh-faced student who kicks off the school year by getting blessed with time-travel abilities by a magic kraken. For whatever reason, it wants you to sus out an evil mastermind known only as the Traitor. The problem is that this Traitor could be anyone at school. To smoke them out, you’ll need to gather info on the students and faculty and then use your time powers to restart the day, learning more information as you accumulate knowledge about their routines and behaviors. Sound familiar? Pinpoint the Traitor, and you’ll have rescued the world from an unknown calamity.  

Your mission is easier said than done as your school isn’t exactly ordinary. Among other oddities, it plays home to cultists, ghosts, and man-eating crocodiles. You know, high school. On the bright side, there are plenty of extracurricular activities in the form of clubs. You can assemble a rock band by joining the music club, tackle physical challenges in the sports club, or show off your artistic talents in the art club. There are also sidequests, such as going to parties and helping a janitor take down a crime syndicate. Once again, high school!

Kraken Academy draws its absurdity from ‘90s comedy anime, and it certainly looks far from boring. When it launches September 10 for PC via Steam, Humble, and GOG at $17.99 with a 20% discount during launch week, you can find out yourself. A Steam demo is also available from now until launch day. 

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