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Halo Infinite Flight Test (Beta) Will Offer Weapon Drills As Part Of 343's Largest Technical Test To Date

by Liana Ruppert on Jul 26, 2021 at 02:27 PM

The Halo Infinite beta flight is dropping soon and 343 Industries wants to make sure that Insiders know what to expect before dropping into the world that gave us Master Chief once more. From weapon drills to Battle Passes, here is what you can expect from the upcoming early play period. 

As with any testing period, the studio was very careful to ensure that players knew that there are going to be some "bumps" with the early play access, which is to be expected in any beta test. The team also let fans know that this is technically called a technical preview, simply because it's past the point of being alpha but not quite yet to the point of being as complete as the term beta suggests. 

To prepare players for what sort of experience the Halo Infinite technical test will have to offer, the blog post reads: "We also want to be very upfront and transparent about the fact that we will certainly have some bumps and rough edges in this build. Our teams have been working hard to ensure that the build and experience are such that it can deliver on our goals, but this is very much still work-in-progress, and we expect some hiccups of varying degrees over the course of the technical preview. For further context, this technical preview is a couple of months behind where the development team and ‘main’ game build currently is given the process and time it takes to go through all the gates and steps before releasing to the public."

With Halo Insiders preparing to "flight" the upcoming technical preview, a few of the core areas the team is looking for feedback on includes stability, online services, core gameplay, maps and modes, weapon drills, and menu/Battle Pass UI. The stability feedback is standard, as is server connectivity, but the weapon drills are going to really give players a chance to dive in deep into the familiar guns and new weapons joining the fray, as well. 343 is also looking for feedback regarding how the maps are designed and whether or not players feel that they flow naturally and that they feel "fun and fair."

THis is one of the biggest technical previews for the company to date, which allows for a more encompassing experience for Halo fans to dive into. It also means a higher risk for things to go wrong, so please keep in mind that this is an early testing period, which means it is not going to be perfect or necessarily indicative of what will be available at launch. Feedback is crucial, so the more you have to offer, the better. 

To learn more about the upcoming Halo Infinite beta technical test, check out the full blog post here

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