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How Elden Ring 'Spirit Body' Companions Work

by Liana Ruppert on Jun 14, 2021 at 05:44 PM

We're still riding high on the E3 2021 Elden Ring reveal. There was so much to unpack with the full gameplayer trailer, and now we're learning even more. First, we learned a little bit about the game's co-op. Then we got some new insight into the open world. Now? Now it's time for the Spirit Body companions to have their time in the spotlight. 

What are Spirit Body companions in Elden Ring? 

In a recent Famitsu interview with Hidetaka Miyazaki, he confirmed that Elden Ring players can summon what is called a Spirit Body. These spectral beings are pretty useful; they can help you when you're in a tight spot mid-combat. If this feels new to fans of Bloodborne and Dark Souls, that's because it is. These companions are completely on your side and, at least according to the translation from Japanese, can be commanded to perform certain roles. 

Miyazaki also confirmed that these spirits are actually the spirits of fallen enemies, so it's like a one-two punch of complete destruction. Not only have you killed them, but you're also making them essentially do your bidding. Nice. 

He also confirmed that these ghosties are interchangeable, meaning you can collect various types of fighting ghosts and swap them depending on your specific need in battle. They can also be upgraded, which is a nice touch when progressing through the Elden Ring storyline. 

During the interview, the director outlined a few different ways that these companions can be useful. Need something with reach? Summon a fallen archer. Need hefty damage? A spirit with a sword should do nicely. They can also be used as distractions, allowing players to strategically place one of these ghostly companions in a spot to detract attention away from themselves. I would imagine this would be great for someone who may be waiting on a cooldown or simply needs to regroup. 

Interested in learning even more? You can read the full interview right here. While you're at it, be sure to check out our E3 2021 events hub here for any news you may have missed, including more about Elden Ring itself. 

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