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Interactive New Pokémon Snap Website Lets You Tour The Lental Region, Earn My Nintendo Points

by Brian Shea on Apr 23, 2021 at 08:00 AM

We're a mere week away from the launch of New Pokémon Snap, and future photographers are itching to get back behind the lens. While we've seen glimpses of gameplay since the title was announced last June, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company are offering players new looks at the Pokémon and biomes they can expect to encounter through a new interactive website.

Explore the Lental Region is the new website celebrating the impending launch of New Pokémon Snap, offering an interactive map that lets you visit the different biomes of the game's Lental region. If you'd like to check out the website for yourself, you can head to The site can be accessed using PC, mobile devices, or tablets. Once there, you'll be asked to link your My Nintendo account so you can earn point for watching the videos. On the site itself, you can click around on the map to view new gameplay footage and screenshots of the Pokémon that reside in the area. If you're looking for hints on how to evoke specific interactions between multiple Pokémon in New Pokémon Snap, this site gives you a few. You can also upload a photo or use your device's camera to snap a picture and put a special digital frame around it.

New Pokémon Snap

To earn My Nintendo Points, you must complete areas on the map by clicking on all four images and watch all videos in their entirety. To ensure you've completed the area, make sure the "New" label is gone, signaling that you've completed it. You don't need to complete all areas in one go, so if you want to do one area at a time, your My Nintendo account will keep a record of your progress.

For more on New Pokémon Snap, you can check out our extended preview where we saw multiple levels and interviewed the director. You can also see the game in action through a recent episode of New Gameplay Today.

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