How To Get Astral Orbs In Loop Hero

by Daniel Tack on Mar 08, 2021 at 04:36 PM

Loop Hero tasks the player with going round and round the loop until they're ready to battle big bosses. Astral Orbs are one of the highest-tier crafting materials that you're going to want to hunt down in order to handle some of the best upgrades in the game that give you powerful bonuses and options. What is Loop Hero? Check this article out for a look at why you should check out this indie roguelite. If you want a much better chance at taking on some of Loop Hero's harder bosses and bigger chapters, gathering up some Astral Orbs is a must. So, how do you get them?

The easiest way I've found involves utilizing your archer towers (permanent upgrades built in town with easy to acquire resources) to make this strategy simple. This technique also gives you tons of other valuable materials and loot, often making your character strong enough to push past a chapter boss, but I would advise against that just to make sure you get out with all the shards and orbs that you need. You can come back and kill the bosses later and have a much easier go of it, once you have some of these bigger camp upgrades. So what do you need to make this happen? Get yourself the Vampire Mansion, Village, Field, Bookery, and Spider Cocoon cards. Of course, you're going to want to take Oblivion with you too, as these are essential and powerful on almost any run. So, you have a few watchtowers built in town to provide fire support around the campfire. That's exactly where we're going to build our farm zone. You can check out the video below if you want a hands-on look at exactly how to set it up!

Astral Orbs (and their shards) can only drop off special magic creatures. Perhaps the easiest way to do this is to exhaust a Bookery, which will spawn little flying magical tomes on nearby tiles. These tomes unfortunately do not drop orbs, but they are critical with our combination. When in range of a Vampire Mansion, powerful Vampire Mages spawn instead of the books. Look to get your books spawning on an adjacent field tile that you fill up with spiders, and every loop you go through will provide you with a glut of loot, experience, and hopefully even some shards to work up to an Astral Orb. You won't need too many Astral Orbs, but they can be a time consuming farm. In addition to your super Vampire/Spider/Scarecrow tile that you place adjacent to the village near your campfire, you should place the Vampire Mansion next to the Village, which will spawn a ton of dangerous ghouls to handle.

Again, your Watchtowers should make short work of them. These damned Vampire villages upgrade after you've done three loops, with upgraded quests and healing. With these tiles working together, you create a potent vacuum of resources that has full support from your campfire archers, so you can do it with pretty much any class and build you want to mess around with. After you have the Suburb/Town tiles to increase your experience gain, the spider-loaded tiles can be farmed for massive amounts of quick and dirty experience so you can go into boss fights with a huge pile of traits (Talents/special abilities).

Want more Loop Hero? Check out our New Gameplay Today here! Loop Hero is currently available on PC, but we're hoping it makes the jump to other platforms.

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