Nuts, A Squirrel Surveillance Game, Comes To Switch And PC This Week

by Marcus Stewart on Feb 01, 2021 at 06:04 PM

When you see squirrels doing their thing in the wild, have you ever wondered what they’re really up to when no one’s looking? As they forage for nuts and make those weird cries, what are they hiding? That’s the premise of Nuts, a bizarre and intriguing narrative surveillance game that's all about spying on squirrels.

The strange game comes from developer Joon, Pol, Muutsch, Char & Torfi and published by Noodlecake. Players control a rookie researcher, who, at the behest Viago University, is tasked with setting up cameras in the remote Melmoth Forest to capture footage of squirrels. The goal is simple: See what they get up to, primarily at night. Gameplay requires trial and error in terms of setting up the correct placement and angle of your cameras to record the best shots. Once that’s done, you’ll review your footage back at your caravan to piece together clues for how squirrels behave in terms of their routes in order to figure out where they hide their stash as well as unravel a larger, potentially sinister mystery surrounding them. 

Despite the seemingly innocent premise, the trailer shows that something is definitely afoot, such as the discovery of an underground acorn stash filled with dynamite. Between the eyebrow-raising premise and eye-catching art direction, featuring spectral, vibrant outlines and a bold color palette, you’d have to be ... okay, I won’t say "nuts" there, but let’s just say you're bound to be curious after seeing Nuts in action. Who doesn’t want to see how much trouble a few squirrels can possibly get into

If you don't want to wait to discover whatever furry madness awaits, Nuts recently launched for Apple Arcade. The game comes to Switch and PC on February 4. For more on Apple Arcade, you can watch us revisit the fledgling subscription service on this episode of The Game Informer Show.

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