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Hellpoint Arrives On Nintendo Switch This February

by Daniel Tack on Jan 13, 2021 at 01:20 AM

Can't get enough Dark Souls? Dying for news on Elden Ring? Looking for Souls-style action on the Switch? Well, action RPG Hellpoint is on its way to the Nintendo platform soon, scheduled to release on February 25. TinyBuild has revealed a new trailer to showcase some gameplay for the release, which you can check out below.

Hellpoint contains tons of bosses to slay, secrets to explore, areas to uncover, and weapons to master. In fact, the game features certain areas and scenarios that can only happen when the "stars align" so to speak, as the heavens themselves conspire to create scenarios that unleash horrible demonic challenges. Of course, those challenges come with their own share of rewards as well, so you may find yourself fiending for some of the more difficult fights. Aesthetically, it blends dark, futuristic fantasy tropes with a bit of horror, as if Dark Souls, Event Horizon, and Warhammer 40,000 had an evil baby. 

Along the way, you discover checkpoints, level up, customize your character and hopefully find a few weapons that resonate with your playstyle. These weapons include a giant stone pillar, which can be really fun to smash things with. Ranged options are also available if you're looking to keep the gigantic foes at bay from a safe distance. A massive hub area unlocked early in the game provides a special place to upgrade your weapons and armor and plan your path through the derelict space station. and  Some light puzzles offer additional exploration opportunities, and you might even be able to sequence break your way to all sorts of areas in the game early if you're willing to probe each zone carefully.

It's entirely possible to miss special areas and encounters as you go through the game, so it's a good idea to investigate areas carefully, and pay attention to the positioning of the space station in orbit to make sure you're ready to handle any special enemies or bosses that are timed to the dangerous black hole events. 

The dark and deadly Hellpoint arrives on the Switch on February 25.

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