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This Mass Effect-Inspired Omniblade Lamp Is A Must-Have For Any N7 Hopeful

by Liana Ruppert on Jan 11, 2021 at 11:06 AM

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I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favorite Mass Effect-inspired lamp (not) on the Citadel. The BioWare Store made its triumphant return last year and every day it seems like the stock being offered adds something new. While my personal bank account is weeping, my N7-hopeful heart is absolutely living for this omniblade LED acrylic light now that was recently added.

The latest BioWare Store temptation is actually pretty affordable, coming in at $23 and available now to pre-order. Shipping is expected to occur around March, though an exact date hasn't been confirmed at this time. 

According to BioWare, here is what interested buyers should know about the omniblade collectible that is also quite functional: 

  • Approx. 10.5 in (26.67 cm) tall
  • Omni Blade Acrylic Plate and Base
  • Male and Female Shepard shown on custom box art
  • LED light powered by:
    • USB (included) or
    • 3x AA batteries (not included)

The lamp comes in at just over 10 inches tall and looks awesome lit and dormant, as well. "This acrylic lamp takes the design of Mass Effect’s Omni-Blade without the dangers that come with the melee weapon," reads the official light's description. "What looks like a searing, futuristic dagger suspended in a mass effect field is actually an elegantly crafted and die-cut acrylic plate.

"The design takes the style of a clean line art illuminated with an LED light on the base. This creates a soft glow. It looks especially good in the dark when the clear acrylic fades from view."

For those that know me, you know I've already slapped that pre-order down. I have no shame, but I do have all of the excitement. You can scoop up your own right here if you fancy! 

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