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New League Of Legends Cinematic Shows Off New Champion, Viego

by Liana Ruppert on Jan 08, 2021 at 01:03 PM

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A new champion is arriving in League of Legends and Riot Games debuted them in all of their glory with a brand new cinematic to tease what's ahead for 2021. Meet Viego, the latest champion to make his way to destroy the Nexus, also called The Ruined King. 

Viego will be playable in PBE in the near future, as confirmed by Riot Games, but the cinematic does offer a look at his backstory and he came to be known as The Ruined King. The video below begins with both Senna and Lucian preparing to face off against The Mist and all of the danger within. As the cinematic progresses, both Senna and Lucian run into Viego himself for his grand reveal as a playable champion: 

Viego's influence can be felt hauntingly in the above video but how he'll actually work in-game is even more intense. Riot teased just a little of Viego's gameplay and how he will separate the soul of the champion he kills, allowing him to assume the abilities of the fallen champion. While more about his skills have yet to be revealed, the small window inside of how this new champion will affect the meta with his arrival. 

For more of Viego's influence, players can experience the character more in Ruined King: A League of Legends story, which we've covered in our previous coverage here. 

We don't know the exact date for when the new League of Legends champion will arrive in PBE before his full release, but the studio promises that it will be "soon."

What do you think about Viego as the newest League of Legends champion to join the roster? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below. You can also see a deeper dev diary about what's next in the video at the top of the article. 

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