Hades Switch Update Adds Cross-Save Support With PC

by Marcus Stewart on Dec 17, 2020 at 11:10 AM

Hades is a fantastic game whether you’re enjoying it on a high-end PC or completing runs in bed on Switch. For those seeking the best of both worlds, developer Supergiant announced yesterday that cross-save support is now live via a new update to the Nintendo version. 

Supergiant launched Hades with cross-saves built in but the function had been disabled until now (barring resourceful players who got around it). To do it, select the "cross-save" option in the Switch version’s main menu and link your Steam/Epic account. Once that’s done, pause and quit to upload the data, and you’re good to go. Once linked, you’ll be able to easily transfer save data to and from PC and Switch. 

Supergiant recommends that players ensure their progress is in different save slots between PC and Switch. Instructions on how to move PC saves to different slots are in the Help & Info section on Switch. Supergiant also points out that achievements earned while playing on Switch will unlock once the data is transferred to PC. 

Hades launched in September after spending two years in Early Access. The game stars Zagreus, the son of Hades, who repeatedly attempts to escape the underworld to defy his father and uncover the truth about his lineage. Along the way he’ll gain help from the Olympus’ pantheon of gods as well as other legendary figures in Greek mythology. Hades has received widespread acclaim for its fine-tuned combat, compelling roguelite gameplay, and stellar writing and storytelling.

You can check out our review as well as this feature explaining why Hades is perfect for people who don’t like roguelites. For those seeking love, take a look at our guide for how to romance Hades' colorful cast. 

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