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Sarah Silverman And More Join Top Streamers For New Fortnite "Spy Within" Game

by Liana Ruppert on Dec 15, 2020 at 05:00 PM

Fortnite Houseparty is bringing together eight of Twitch's top streamers and a few celebs are joining in on the fun to celebrate the new Spy Within game with video chat. 

Streamers like Dr Lupo, Pokimane, Ninja, itsHafu, and more are going to be joined by Sarah Silverman and David Dobrik for a special Fortnite Houseparty video chat session getting down on the online game's new experience with Spy Within. 


But what is Spy Within? This new feature is a new limited-time-only Fortnite event that will have players teaming up to root out one suspicious player in a whodunnit experience. With Among Us being so popular and taking home a few awards this year, this mode isn't that far-fetched, but to bring it in this holiday season, this rag-tag group of entertainers are airing out all of their tells for the world to see. 

This new experience was named after the Fortnite Creative Map 'Spy Within', which was created by KKslider and DolphinDom. It's similar to games like Werewolf, basically giving players free rein to essentially call all of their friends liars without any real reprocussions. So, if you've got any beef with anybody in your circle, here's a good excuse to let it all out there (kidding, don't do that, actually just talk to them). 


It's all going down right now from 3 PM PT to 5 PM PT on December 15, all via the Fortnite Houseparty video chat feature. 

Who and Where? 

For the full list of talent joining in on the fun - and the links on how to watch them - check out the full lineup below, courtesy of Epic Games: 

The Houseparty video chat feature was only recently added to Fortnite, making the social game even more so with an in-game overlay bringing people even closer together. With COVID-19 essentially wiping 2020 off of the map, it's yet another way we can stay connected and enjoy games without feeling so isolated. 

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