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Godfall – Review In Progress

by Andrew Reiner on Nov 11, 2020 at 05:00 AM

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Godfall lives up to its "looter-slasher" billing. You hack away at bosses until they explode into a shower of glowing orbs that contain weapons and trinkets. At any given time, you could be hauling around an army's worth of gear, diving into the menus frequently to equip your character with a sword that deals a little more damage or has an attribute that will work better against a particular enemy type. Developer Counterplay Games handles the loot well, delivering satisfaction and the feeling of power growth with most drops.

The process of gaining said loot is not as enthralling and falls victim to bland environment exploration and repetitive combat encounters. The hack-n-slash action has a nice bite to it, and while it doesn't have much depth to each weapon type, it delivers a nice mix of actions, such as the ability to alternate between heavy and light sword strikes, while sewing in Captain America-like shield tosses and lightning quick special attacks. It feels good, and looks good too, showcasing fluid animations and next-gen particles galore.

In the span of roughly three days, I've managed to get through most of Godfall's story missions, but still have plenty of side content to explore, along with what appears to be a sizable endgame consisting of 18 missions. I also wasn't able to fully test out Godfall's three-player cooperative capabilities, which push for levels to be approached on the higher difficulties. I still have a few days of playing before I can deliver a verdict.

In my time, I've enjoyed the boss battles and loot, but have grown bored of the three open-world environments, which are small and don't hold much visual flavor. Everything looks the same, be it the architecture, rocks, plants, and even the enemies. Godfall hits one note at the beginning of the game and holds it all the way to the end. It's not a bad note, but if not for the loot progression, I don't think I would play for long. The story and world are both lifeless, and don't hold much excitement at all.

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PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC
Release Date:
November 12, 2020 (PlayStation 5, PC), 
August 10, 2021 (PlayStation 4)