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Phasmophobia Hackers Are Taking Over Lobbies, Modders Making It Even More Terrifying

by Liana Ruppert on Oct 20, 2020 at 10:43 AM

Phasmophobia is already a pretty terrifying game that allows gamers to become true ghost hunters and facing them against demons, wraiths, and angry spirits galore. What's making it even scarier though isn't an official update, instead it is the Phasmophobia hackers that are taking over the game. 

The multiplayer lobby is becoming rife with modders that are changing the game experience to make it even more terrifying. As someone who recently streamed this game with Dan Tack on the Game Informer Live show, my screams can attest to how scary this title is, so with modders dropping in their own fear-driven moments? Yeah, my heart ...

The hacks are being revealed via several streams on Twitch, showing modders that are creeping into lobbies during matchmaking to alter the state of the game. The most common alteration being seen is the number of players in a lobby being raised as well as changes to the monsters themselves. Currently, players will run into only one entity in a match, which is enough. Now modders are changing that up, increasing the spawn rates, increasing the numbers of ghosts, and ramping up the pacing of each round. 

Other modders are doing oddball additions, like the below Twitter post showing off the dolls that randomly started showing up in the lobby. Not malicious, but still pretty creepy and is only the obvious change. Who knows what other changes were also made: 

Given the co-op nature of Phasmophobia, the game is terrifying and interactive. The use of hacks in unsuspecting lobbies is, to put it bluntly, really crappy. If you want to tweak the game, keep it in groups of your friends. If you don't have friends, play solo. Don't ruin the experience for other players because you're bored or want to break a game. 

The team behind the game is aware of the problem and have offered the advice to run the beta version of Phasmophobia while the game is still in Early Access. While not the end-all-be-all of fixes, that does offer a short term solution to avoiding modders. 

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