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Kena: Bridge Of Spirits Offers Unlockable Hats For Your Adorable Friends

by Kimberley Wallace on Sep 25, 2020 at 02:30 PM

Yesterday, we did a deep dive on Kena: Bridge of Spirits' adorable Rot companions. During your adventure, you will collect around 100 of these cuties, who will do everything from lending a hand in combat to helping Kena get past environmental obstacles. The Rot will follow Kena as she explores, so as your army gets bigger, it's a thrill to see these critters following behind. One way you can add some extra flavor is by purchasing hats for each Rot with gems you find in the world. This is purely a cosmetic feature, but gives you a fun way to differentiate them from each other, as you can outfit each individual Rot with its own hat.

You can purchase hats by stopping at little cart that sells them in your hub village, find them out in the world, or unlock special ones via challenges. “We give [gems] liberally, because we don’t really care too much about people buying hats, but if you wanted to buy a hat for every guy it would be pretty hard to do,” says chief creative officer Mike Grier. Note: These hats will not cost you real money. We confirmed with Ember Lab that you will get them through in-game currency and not through microtransactions. 

To see some of these hats and how cute the Rot look in them, Ember Lab was kind enough to capture some footage of them wearing these stylish caps and doing cute poses. See them in action and decide which ones will be must-buys for your furry friends.

The Hat Cart

As mentioned previously, here is the hat cart, where you can give your Rot some individuality. As you can see, Rot flock to it, because they know they need to take their cuteness to a new level. 

The Mushroom 

This Rot isn't trying to make Toad jealous; he just looks that good.

A Hat Celebration With Flowers, Butterflies, And More

Every good cheer needs a good hat or four. That Sunflower is really making a statement.

The Fox Hat

This might be one of the cutest things I've seen all day. 

Kisses From Kena

Nevermind, this is! I love how the hearts radiate from the Rot over the tender moment. They can feel the love. 

The Pumpkin-Topper

I feel like it's baby's first Halloween costume. 

Just Logging Some Hours...

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better than the fox hat, this Rot sits on a log and takes in nature, making it even better. 

We hope these sweet moments and hats helped brighten your day. Which one is your favorite so far? 

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